Welcome! Lisandra and I are so honored to have been invited to speak at our first conference! So it is our duty to be the most attended keynote of the entire conference!

The owner was gracious enough to make available his 1 hour marketing keynote video for all of our students!

And we are asking for in return is 60 seconds of your help!

Step 1

Save this image to your phone

Step 2

Post the image to your Instagram Story! In the story tag @thebroweffect and @pmuworld. Then tag 3 other friends in the story (5 Tags Total)

By tagging us, we will see the notification in our inbox. When we approve your post, we will send you the link to access the FREE Marketing Keynote Speech! Here is what tags on stories will look like

Step 3

Once your post is seen, we will direct message you the private link to add the training to your account!

Join Us In Person Or Virtually!

Make sure to grab your virtual ticket or in person ticket! This will be our first conference that we are speaking at and we can't wait to meet everyone there! Scroll down to view the website and our exclusive 20% off discount code!

PMUWORLD is giving ALL students of The Brow Effect 20% off In person and virtual tickets! Go to and use code THEBROWEFFECT20