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or call us now at 407.927.9106

Google 5 stars rating for Tattoo removal clinic

#1 Google Rated Brow Salon in Florida


Google 5 stars rating for Tattoo removal clinic

#1 Rated Brow Salon
in Florida



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It’s time to take back those 20-30 morning minutes of drawing in your brows and lips. We make the complicated work easy so you can wake up each day with fresh powder brows and luscious candy lips.

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Bella Rose

I just graduated from training with the best of the best The Brow Effect and I can say, I TRULY HAVE BEEN BLESSED!! I received more than I could ever ask for. The training both on line and in person has been amazing.

Ana Iglesias

The best choice I made in picking this institute for ombré powder shading course. I took the 2 day boot camp and it was everything I was looking for. Lisandra was very professional and fun & her team was extremely helpful. The material they provided is everything you need PLUS the support you get after. I’m extremely happy I chose them.

Meghan McMann

I took the ombré powder course and couldn’t be happier! All my questions/concerns were answered before I even had to ask. Lisandra is extremely detailed and REAL! I’m beyond satisfied with the knowledge I’ve gained & the tips & tricks. Not only do you learn technique, you learn about the BUSINESS.

Montana Wynant

WOW I wish I could them give 6 stars! (I am a few days post my touch-up session and in love with my brows) Everyone at The Brow Effect is so fun, yet very professional. You can tell they are passionate about what they do and that they are as excited about giving you your DREAM BROWS as you are about getting them! This is hands down the best salon around.

Mary Taylor

Joanna was amazing and was patient. She provided me with instructions to follow and so far my touch-up is looking amazing. I no longer need to wear makeup everyday since I feel complete with my beautiful brows. Thank you so much!!!!!

Val Washington

Finished my ombre brow training course today. Thank you Lisandra and Sean you guys were beyond remarkable, professional, knowledgeable etc...very thorough, inspiring and motivating. Definitely excited to have chose THE BROW EFFECT, I learned EXACTLY what I came to learn!! You guys rock 🙂

Jenell Hylton

Ericka was amazing, very professional. This was my first time doing ombré brows and she made me feel so relaxed. I highly recommend her, she and her team at brow effect will definitely hook you up.

Yaritza Trevino

I am obsessed with my eyebrows and they haven't even healed yet. The professionalism, cleanliness, and quality of work are all reasons I decided to drive 4+ hours to get my eyebrows done here. I can't wait for my touch up and my final look. 10/10 would recommend.

Andrea Henderson

I drove all the way from the other coast to get them done here and I love my new brows! The shading and the shape is perfect. I just got my touch up done last week, so I’m excited to see what the final results will look like. Thanks Erika!

Shelley Miller

I have been wanting my eyebrows done for years and I’m so glad I found Joanna. I have almost no natural brows and I’m very blonde. I was nervous about having them look to bold, but she made them look so natural. If you’re contemplating getting them done, do it, you won’t regret it!

Roxana Casal

I highly recommend The Brow Effect. It’s completely a five star + salon. The owner Lisandra is very professional. It’s definitely the place to go for your eyebrows and other services.

Stephanie Vasallo

If I could leave 10 Stars I would! The entire staff is so welcoming. I came in for ombré powder brows with Lisandra and I fell in so in love with her technique that I signed up for her training. Not only do I have perfect brows, I also have all the knowledge and all the tools to be a successful PMU artist!

Jasmine Chola

I love the customers service and care they provided!!!! Was my first time and I would definitely be back ! The color and the shape were just what I was looking for ! 10/10 !!!!!






Ombré Brows vs Microblading

Learn why we chose Ombré Powder Brows and no longer offer Microblading

Which is better?

With a client base of over 1500 clients, we as a company discontinued Microblading and only offer Ombre’ Powdered Brows as the benefits have shown to be far superior for our clients. Both methods are still in the same category of a semi- permanent tattoo or permanent makeup, however the method and tool used is what has made Ombre’ Brows the better option.

Healed Results

The benchmark by which we judge any service. The misconception is that because Microblading gives the illusion of hair like strokes, it will look more natural. However, looking at healed microblading strokes you will find they become blurry, saturated, blend in to each other, and even disappear quickly. Ombre’ Brows is mean to heal as a natural daytime powdery makeup look and are meant to fade lighter over time.

Life Span

The normal lifespan for Microblading can be 6 – 8 months before the client needs what’s called a “color boost” touch up. Ombre’ Brows can last 1-3 years depending on your skin type, lifestyle, and how you take care of them. Some clients will come yearly for a touch up because they want them extra dark, however 90% of our clients will come after 2 years for a touch up.

Invasiveness & Pain

Microblading is done by putting cuts in to the skin with a fine blade as where Ombre’ Brows is done with a single needle machine and only goes over the very surface of the skin making the Ombre’ Method much less invasive than Microblading which causes the procedure to be much less painful. We use a topical anesthetic allowing for even more comfort.

Skin Types

Microblading is only ideal for those who have dry skin. If you are like 90% of the Florida population, chances are you have oily or a combination type skin which will not make you an ideal candidate for Microblading. You may also be a person with dry skin however loves to workout and sweat a lot. This can also cause Microblading strokes to fade extremely fast.With the Ombre’ Procedure we are able to work on all skin types and the client can enjoy the healed results much longer regardless if they have oily skin or not.

Scarring Risk

With Microblading, you will find yourself needing to get touchups every 6-8 months. Being that microblading is a cutting method, putting linear cuts in to the same area of your skin every six to 8 month can put you at risk of scarring and keloids. While using a machine for Ombre’ is much less invasive and does not require you to come back every 6 months, we greatly reduce the risk of further skin trauma.

Healing & Aftercare Commitment

There is zero downtime needed. However after your first session, you will be given an aftercare regiment to follow. Within 7-14 Days you will have light scabbing and flaking. For 2 weeks and or when your scabs fall off naturally, you will be asked to not wear makeup directly on your brows, stay out of direct sunlight, no excessive sweating, swimming, or getting your brows wet. You will be given instructions on how to shower and wash your face while keeping your brows dry.
We allow at least 5 weeks for your skin to completely heal then you will come back for your touch up session where we can go darker and bolder if needed and to correct any areas that need addressing. After your touch up you will start the aftercare process over again.

Guarantee & Expectations

As with any cosmetic service we can not make any guarantees on your final healed result. We are transparent enough to tell all potential clients that we make no guarantees of any kind. As the majority of our clients leave extremely happy, we have had clients where their skin would not retain the pigment after their touch up and had a less than satisfactory result. We will always do what we know works for the majority of our clients however we have no control on how the clients skin will retain.

Have more questions about Ombré Brows and our process? See our Frequently Asked Questions.





Whether you are searching for the right place to have your brows doneor you want to pursue a career in permanent makeup, you can trust The Brow Effect.

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